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Here’s my Watercolor final for "Beauty is …"! It’s a pop-out book with the theme of the rainbow of colors and the progression of a day. Each pop-out piece is actually removable because I switched to blue tape instead of deciding to glue it down permanently. Saved time and also makes it fun to play with. The binding is white thread because staplers didn’t want to punch through the thick paper, but it may have added on some charm as well (I just hope it lasts)

My classmates seem to enjoy the idea and it got passed around :-) This is actually a new version of a project I did for my 3D final in freshman year.

(I may have gone overboard with Red’s fireballs, forgive me, it was hot as hell this week). Tentative title is “Book of Colors”, I left the front blank because I wanted the inside to be a surprise ~ <3

BONUS: Accurate representation of the weather this week

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