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Might as well put the set of roughs together! Setsuno’s battle-cut is my favorite haha oh man I drew so many teeth and scary eyes


Here’s some role-swap AU from winter break :P

Some small tidbits I’ve thought out:

  • Sunny’s hair grabs more food than necessary every time he chows down at the table and he also uses it to strap down Komatsu on his back during dangerous adventures. He usually keeps it in a ponytail until he has to get ultra serious. He’s a more mobile type of fighter and I guess his personality matches his name more har har.
  • Zebra tries to conserve his energy with every movement so he speaks rather softly and doesn’t like to use his voice attacks unless necessary. I think he’d work as mapmaker with a cramped working area for him (imagine him sitting in a tiny chair). Mistakenly given a scary reputation because of his appearance, but he’s a pretty chill guy and maybe gets nervous with crowds.
  • Toriko comes off as a super snob and really dislikes getting his hands filthy so he prefers to fight with ranged attacks until he has to get down and dirty. Smokes like a chimney, everyone wonders how he manages to have super smelling senses. Wears flashy and preppy clothes a lot (IDK about adventure clothes), slicks back his hair with something expensive.
  • Coco may or may not be a vampire (he drinks the blood of his enemies). Has a “Touch me and Die” policy and fights with both “soft” and “hard” poison. When he wants something, he tear up anything to get at it. Usually fights like an animal on instinct until he’s forced to pause and use his cunning. Can fake a friendly personality.
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