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There are so many things wrong with this. Allow me to list them: 

1. “Females” …You didn’t even make it past the title. Why is the word ‘females’ in quotations? Are we just pretending to be females? You caught us. We’re actually humanoid aliens that feed on the anguish of under appreciated ”good guys”. And yes, those quotations are intentional.

2. “Fedup” is not a word.

3. “Done. Finished”. Thank you for clarifying.

4. “…because they cheated, or treated them bad, or hit them”. Hit them. Cheating and being ‘treated bad’ (which could refer to an entire spectrum of behavior) are bad enough, and will often cause a person to sustain a short-term aversion to dating, at least. When a person has been abused (which may fall under your arbitrary term, ‘treated bad’), they have undergone a serious and damaging experience. Belittling a person for being a victim of something that is not only out of their control, but is horrendous, is NEVER okay. 

5. “But why the fuck when you get a good GREAT guy you ignore him”-I can’t even talk about the grammar that’s absent from this sentence.

6. “You give him some bullshit how you’re not ready for a relationship…then two hours later you’re fucking some asshole* who clearly didn’t give a fuck about you before”. If a girl tells you that she’s not ready for a relationship, that is entirely at her discretion. Only she knows what’s right for her. If she wants to have sex with someone who “clearly didn’t give a fuck about her”, she’s not being hypocritical. If she wants to sleep with somebody outside of the context of a relationship (because she’s not ready for one), that is, again, entirely at her discretion. You’re not her boyfriend, and neither is that guy.

7. “…you’re the ones making us scarce”. Guys like you who give up because they can’t deal with women make themselves scarce. If you had really fallen for these girls, if you really cared about them, wouldn’t you respect them, too? Wouldn’t you respect their wishes and support them? Oh, but right, you said, “…best friend or some shit”. Because being called someone’s best friend is utter shit. But wait, this isn’t actually about you, is it? You haven’t actually experienced these things. You just “…always hear stories about…”. 

8. “Sincerly”. Congratulations.

9. “New Found Asshole”. You’ve been found. “Have you found Asshole? Asshole can deliver you from the evil of Women. Accept Asshole, and enjoy your eternal home in the Land of Douchebaggery”. *’Asshole’ is here referred to as a “male” who will sleep with a consenting “female” despite not having feelings for her. 

10. ‘No’ MEANS ‘No’. If a girl is recovering from a past relationship, she is probably not ready to date yet, and you are not ready to date her. In order to sustain a healthy relationship, a person needs to be healthy themselves. If a person does not want to date simply because they have had ‘bad luck’ in the past, it is still up to them. If a girl is dealing with emotional distress, she shouldn’t be forced into anything. If she is just giving up on men because she has had enough of the crap she’s gone through with them, then, huh, she’s doing the exact thing you are. 

^THIS! STOP PERPETUATING NICE GUY/NICE WHATEVER BELIEFS. ASOSHDIOIVMSODILJFODSI but seriously this train of thought hurts everyone in the end. 

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    LOL wow this has got to be the most obnoxious thing I have ever read. Taylor Callobre addresses this here if you’d like...
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    Lol, I’ve been posting these kinds of stuff for a while, I swear there’s a resurgence of this crap on my dashboard....
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    No, gurl, I’m not saying either post is right or wrong. You’re entitled to believe what you guys want, just as I’m...
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    You know what, I’m going to make this my last “nice guy” post for a while. Mostly because it usually ends with me...
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    Thinking common decency means you have earned sex is not nice, “Nice Guy”.
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    I find it bitterly amusing that the good guys and the girls who want good guys can never find each other…
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    lolololol Generalizations are my favorite.
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    Also, please stop calling us females, please. It’s really bloody dehumanising to reduce us to our physical sex. I am...
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