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Scarleteen is a vital queer and trans positive sexual health resource. Their staff do an amazing job of creating really comprehensive and helpful articles on literally every sexual topic you can imagine. They also provide live chats, advice columns, moderated discussion forums, and SMS-based peer support. This site has helped me on countless occasions, and I refer at-risk queer and trans kids to this site every single day.

Scarleteen is invaluable.

And Scarleteen needs your help.

During their annual donation drive this year, the site was only able to raise $1,500. Only fifty people out of Scarleteen’s 350,000 unique monthly visitors contributed to the fundraising drive.

This means that unless Scarleteen sees a stable, sustained, 50% increase in donations, the site will essentially be forced to go dark on May 1. No more new content, no more advice columns, no more forums, no more live chat, no more SMS support. 

This is devastating.

If Scarleteen goes dark, millions of young people, vulnerable queer and trans teens among them, will lose access to essential, fundamental sexual health resources. We cannot let this happen.

Please, please, please donate to Scarleteen. Consider making a recurring monthly contribution if you feel that this is within your means. Even $5 or $10 a month will go a long way to helping this very, very deserving organization.

And whether or not you’re able to donate at this time, please signal boost this and spread the word. Scarleteen does incredible, very necessary work, and they need our help.

Registration Window!


We are pleased to announce that Flight Rising will be opening a registration window for new users Monday, April 14th starting at 5:00 server time and ending at 5:00 server time on April 15th. We are excited to welcome new players to our game! We will be monitoring site performance during the window and week following. If this window goes well we will be opening up additional windows shortly thereafter, with open registration as our final target.

As a reminder for our current players, individuals are limited to one account per person. Additional accounts are against our TOS and are problematic for the site. Registering a second account can result in the closure both accounts. Please be awesome, stick to one account, and have a great time! Doing so will ensure and a fair play experience for everyone. Our players make the community and game the amazing, creative space that it is.

Don’t forget referrals! My username is the exact same as this URL! Message me so I can send you care packages!

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